First session of the year! Welcome everyone.

Following the recent Fresher’s Fair, we held the first session of the year.

It was a great beginning with several new players. We gave them a quick practical introduction to the game and its basic rules. In just a few minutes we were all playing 9×9 quick games. By the end of the session we have covered the basics of liberties as well as the rules of capture, connection and Ko. We also had the chance to explore life and death and the differences between groups with 1 and 2 eyes.

Thanks all and we hope to see you soon!






Go at the Freshers Fair!


The 2015 Fresher’s Fair was a complete success! Thanks YUSU for this opportunity and your great support!

It was a cold Saturday morning, however the Fair was completely full of new students. Our small stand was quite humble but at least it allowed two players to sit comfortably and try the game. We would like to thank all students who visited our stand, asked about the game and wanted to give it a try. Thanks Adam, Leo and Vlad for demonstrating and promoting Go enthusiastically today.

We hope to see you soon next Tuesday at the V-Bar.

Meet us at the Freshers Fair!

Did you now that you can play GO / 圍棋 / 바둑 at York!


Our society will be at the Freshers Fair this Saturday demonstrating the game, describing what we do and inviting new students to join us this year.

Meet us at the Freshers Fair!

Find us at the Physics Building.

See you there.

Can’t wait to join our society? Find out how to join our society for free here


The world of Go

The Korean Baduk Amateur Association has published an interesting video on the world of Go. This short video illustrates how Go is extensively being practiced throughout the world as a game, a sport, an educational tool, and a scientific subject in neuroscience and artificial intelligence.

Go, The Mind Sport that Attracts the World

Go readings for Holidays

Now that the Spring term has ended we will have time for a well deserved rest during our holidays. This also means that we will have more time to play and, why not, to read a book just for pleasure (and not for an assessment).

Gogameguru has published a list of books for players of all levels. So if you fancy reading a book on Holidays take a look at their list here:

A visit to El Piano York

El Piano is a nice Vegan – Vegetarian restaurant located at the entrance of Grape Lane at the heart of the city centre. The place is comfortable and the atmosphere is friendly. The owners, kindly offer Go Players the use of the Moroccan Room for free (however you may order something as a courtesy to the owners). Local players usually meet here to play and learn Go every week on Thursday after 7:30pm

El Piano
15-17 Grape Lane, York.